With the incredible progress in the introduction of websites, people who can create classic unique designs and platforms for making sure their online presence is what businesses are searching for. Web developers and creative designers are bringing in all their best technical expertise and skills to develop and create exclusive design websites that helps in pulling the crowd to the website. Most web developers and designers are aware with the latest trends, tools, techniques, technologies, and timelines that will help them get beautiful and efficient sites up in a short span of time. The development time of websites has reduced with the agile technologies that makes development easier. Here, we will cover the scope and future of web development.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence needs no introduction and how it would be the next thing of the web. Several companies and organizations are already started implementing AI for their requirements. Some have been reaping the benefits of AI for their businesses as it is intelligence displayed by machines as opposed to human intelligence or manpower.

The latest introduction in the field of AI is the grid, which makes web development process simpler and initiates development based on the content. There is no template or coding – just provide all instructions, and it will lay out what you want. Web development process now is more inclined toward giving the consumers what they need with the help of AI and not just giving them what the developer can create.

Virtual Reality

Some MNC’s and giants, such as Google and Microsoft, are already implementing virtual reality or web VR. Virtual reality can simply be defined as the process of implementing computer technology to create a thought-provoking virtual environment. VR can give users an experience, which cannot be delivered in any of the existing traditional interfaces. Rather than limiting access to a screen that is placed in front of them, users can now engage and interact with the 3D world in real time simply with the use of some basic VR tools.

A web developer should start thinking creatively integrating VR abilities in their profile of work. This would include taking up tasks and projects involving the research, evaluation, implementation and testing new and innovative methodologies within the web development experience.

360-Degree Video

The 360-degree video has become a prevalent thing in the web world lately. These days, most websites display a 360-degree video as the end users love to see it and mostly to grab their attention. Most people associate 360-degree video experience with Virtual Reality. When you have enough experience in VR technology, it becomes easier to create a 360-degree video experience for the users.

The aim is to provide high-tech features for end users which will help boost their brand awareness. So, when as a web developer, you must have experience and skills in the latest and best modern technology, like software engineering, 3D designing, video/sound production, video/game development and UX and UI skills.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a computing concept that brings into view the idea of connecting everyday physical items with the internet and making it easier to detect these with other devices. It might include other technologies as well, such as wireless technologies, QR codes and sensor technologies. Any object that can embody itself digitally becomes something greater or bigger than the original object. This object is now not only connected to its user but to a lot of other databases.

It would involve a link between applications and physical devices, which will need the developers to be flexible to exhibit a wide range of skills, and knowledge of tools, such as Arduino, Eclipse IoT, IBM Watson IoT, IFTTT and Zetta.

Motion User Interface (UI)

Motion UI is a SaaS library used in custom CSS, with this, web developers can create attractive designs that enable exclusive transitions and animations that helps in enhancing the appearance of the website and create interest in the visitor. One of the interesting features of a motion UI is that it is easy to comprehend and understand and offers a great deal of ease which users love with other unique things.

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