website design


The looks and functions of your website have a huge impact on a visitor’s experience, and whether a visitor becomes your customer or not; therefore, an effective website design should be a crucial part of the marketing strategy for any business that has an online presence. When you recognize and analyze how each aspect of your website design affects customer behavior and response, it can help you make improvements to enhance website performance and revenues.

Looks do matter! A visitor is going to judge you on how your webpage looks, make no mistake. You need a good web development agency to make and update your website based on the modern design trends; otherwise, it sends a message to the website audience that you’re not really concerned about the appearance. Today’s trend is neat, organized design – too much color, too many images, too much text – is all old school now’. Websites of the present are all about:

  • Responsive design to provide continuous browsing to your customers regardless of the device used by the visitor
  • Offeringparallax scrolling to have an engaging and exciting visual experience
  • Clear, up to date, crisp text that conveys your message concisely
  • Easy to read fonts
  • Responsive Images that provide a visual summary of the text below, and grab attention instantly
  • Multimedia elements that provide instant information without a bulky text

A knowledgeable web developer will recommend that you tell – who you are, why you’re in this business, what pushes you to grow, what your culture and values are, your social responsibilities, and so on. Also include pictures of your employees, the workplace, nobody likes engaging with an anonymous (without an identity) company; provide everything that will show the visitor the human side of your organization. You can also highlight customer ratings and results – it will help convey that you are a customer-centric company.

An experienced website design agency will design your website in such a way that it is very user friendly and visitors to your website can navigate easily in the least possible time. For this, your site navigation must be very intuitive yet simple. You can use either the breadcrumb method that is it adds the previous page of a visitor to the navigation bar when they click to a new page, letting them go back to that page whenever they choose to or drop-down menus that let a visitor hover over a menu title to see the categories or products, to ensure easy navigation on your site. If customers don’t find what they want quickly, they tend to abandon your site and never come back and go to another site which provides better navigation.

Quick load time is the first-rate rule of web development; if your website does not load in 2 to 5 seconds, there are high chances that the visitor will leave; patience and attention levels are pretty thin nowadays. A competent website development company will use proper and optimized code, avoid Flash, eliminate auto-play multimedia elements, optimize image sizes, and use white space to make sure that your website loads fast.

You need the conversion of website visitors to customers; but how that happens? Getting traffic onto your website was just the first task; engaging and impressing the visitors with your website were the next hurdles; the final and most important mission is to get them to buy.

The most important characteristics of website design that affect customer buying decisions are:
  • Color: Your website needs to have a decent color scheme. Highlight your CTA, or your selling scheme, using contrast color, so that visitors can see it easily and clearly. For example, if you’re using neutral shades throughout your website, make sure your buttons are dark or bright – grabbing the attention of the visitor.
  • Keep it Simple: Clean, simple website designs are best. There is no need for exaggerated graphics or complicated images.
  • Easy Checkout: Make it a one-click process if possible or use minimal steps. Get visitors to contact details which should include email for further offers and notifications, but don’t force to create an account; allow guest checkout but intimate the user that account creation helps in a speedy checkout.

Several entrepreneurs and small, mid-sized, and large businesses are turning to digital world to market their products, services, and even ideas. It is important that you determine what makes your offering unique, if you are hopeful of making a mark in the highly competitive online community. Reaching out to your target audience requires you to have a professional web presence.

Why Hire a Professional Web Development Company?

Simply getting an average website for your business does not mean you will get the online attention that you need. A professional web design and development company knows what it takes to boost a brand’s online presence, and these companies have teams to handle different facets. For instance, the process starts with determining the most suitable domain name, which often is the company’s name with or without keywords that describe its products the best.

The professional web design service provider introduces its client to the team of web designers. Together, they articulate concepts that will go into creating a good website that attracts potential customers. The conceptual stage involves brainstorming on aspects such as logos, colour schemes, and layouts, to create a visually appealing website for its visitors. The professional website design cost a bit more, nevertheless, it is crucial that you let an experienced team work on your website, especially if you want to get that important edge over your competition.

The Customer’s Perspective

Most consumers prefer dealing with businesses that appear to be professional, and it’s no different when they turn online. If your business website looks less-than-appealing, your existing and potential customers will look for alternatives. A professional web presence works extremely well in creating a positive perception of your brand. Your customers start relating to your brand, and positive interactions begin.
Customers want a positive and hassle-free shopping experience, without having to worry about the information they share online. Part of creating a professional web presence also requires that you provide high levels of security, and this is another aspect best left to the experts.

How to choose a Professional Web Development and Design Service Provider?

The first thing you should look for in a professional web design and development company is the ability to provide uniqueness. What you don’t want is a standard boring website, and you should also steer clear of using professional website design regular templates. The company you work with should design your website from scratch because this way your website is designed keeping in mind your needs and specifications. Besides, the average consumer now knows how to differentiate between run-of-the-mill websites and ones created professionally.

While working with the best web design company does not guaranty results, you may find that a smaller company devotes more time, energy, and resources toward your needs and development. When working with a large company, getting in touch with its support team might be a challenge, whereas smaller companies tend to be customer-oriented and try to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

Choose wisely.

If you don’t have an online presence in this era you are ought to let behind and your business or services will suffer. Everyone is going digital nowadays, there are thousands and thousands of websites on the internet. Therefore, it’s important to have a website that it is up-to-date, user-friendly, responsive, and visually alluring to the customers.

Even if your website very SEO friendly, and ranks high in the search results of search engines; but once a visitor lands on your site, you need to allure them to stay long enough to relate with your business, and engage and try to convert them into a customer. A visual attractiveness of the site come to the rescue and is very important. A good website development company will help in creating such a site to attract your target audience.

  1. Be Minimalist: Less is More

Visitors get put off when they land on a home page that is chaotic, disorganized and full of text and graphics. The golden rule of current websites is minimalism. Neat, sharp pages with plenty of white space, with brief text blocks and attention-grabbing graphics and ability to convey your message to the user. The content should be short and crisp, and well-written that should appeal to your ideal customer. Make sure that you explain what exactly to want to your web development company.

  1. Explore the Power of Multimedia

Pictures, sliders, videos, and graphics, multimedia is quite effective in a website, as this attracts attention directly of your users. Ensure use of good high quality, professional photographs, and try avoiding stock images or generic images. Without compromising on the ‘minimalist’ principle, you can sensibly use multimedia elements to give better visual appeal to your website. DIY Videos or troubleshooting a product or any issue helps to attract the customers. Include animated call-to-action buttons.

  1. User Friendliness

Your website needs to be easy to use for tech beginners; the navigation should be effortless, clear and simple, and users should be able to find what they want without many difficulties. You should not compromise on the functionality and usability of your website while making it visually attractive. Do not overwhelm, confuse and frustrate the user with the complications, you may lose a potential costumer. Make sure to have “under maintenance” message while enhancing the site and fix broken links, so that users don’t get a ‘404 Page Not Found’ message when they click on some under maintenance link.

  1. Consistency is Crucial

Drastic changes can hamper the re-occurrence of your users, colors, fonts, graphics and other visual elements that repeat on the website should all be consistent; there needs to be a uniform and familiar color scheme and fonts. Maintaining this visual consistency is crucial for conveying the organization’s ethics apart from strengthening the business identity. Maintaining the identity of your website is also very crucial.

  1. Integrate Social Media Networking

It would be a terrible mistake if you do not include social media platforms on your site. Apart from making your site attractive to user, social media networking also adds an element of trust. Always link your social media accounts to your page, so that your visitors can share your content to their social media accounts. Display ‘Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram’ and link those to your accounts on those particular platforms.