Building a remarkable website can be complicated, even if you’re a knowledgeable developer. Some platforms such as WordPress make the process simpler, but they still require you to put in a lot of effort. To make things a bit easier is where WordPress page builders come in.

Page builders are tools that facilitate you to put together websites in record time, by providing you with pre-built basics, which you can arrange in any way you want. You can add them to your pages, move them around, and see the effects of the changes immediately.

What WordPress page builders do and why they can be of help?

While it’s easy to find a WordPress theme that complies with your plan, the customization options on most themes are limited. Unless you’re a developer, you cannot make major modifications to your theme design.

This is where a WordPress page builder is useful. Drag and drop WordPress page builder plugin lets you create custom layouts for your website the way you envisioned. Fundamentally: if you have imagined it, you can now create it (even if you’re a newbie).

WordPress page builders make it easier and a lot quicker for users of all skill levels, to create remarkable websites, by:

  • Making it possible to build custom pages without any knowledge of web development.
  • Lets you customize complex elements and features with a few simple clicks.
  • Through drag-and-drop functionality, you can arrange all the elements you want on your pages as you wish.
  • Enabling you to preview how your site will look when it goes live and lets you make changes accordingly.

5 best drag-and-drop WordPress page builders in 2020

WordPress page builders can certainly help you speed up the process of building the website. In the majority cases, they’ll enable you to add complex elements to your site easily and position them in any way you’d like.

Here are our top five suggestions that will help you change the overall experience of using WordPress:

Elementor: This up to date page builder is a good choice for both newbies and experienced WordPress users. Elementor is famous for its high-speed performance, which makes it fun and easy to build with. It supports the responsive mobile-friendly design, allowing you to build web pages that work great on any device.

Beaver BuilderIt’s hard to find a front-end builder that’s easier to use and modify your site. It gives you full control over your site content. The best thing is, even when you stop using the plugin, your content gets stored to WordPress’s editor.

Divi Builder: Made by Elegant Themes, this is a powerful site builder with a wide range of features. The plugin is bundled with 46 builder modules, 20-row types, and 3 section types, all of which can be incorporated to create any type of website.

WP Bakery Page Builder: This is a highly-popular page builder (formerly known as Visual Composer) which is compatible with a lot of themes, and is very user-friendly.  It works effortlessly with other popular WordPress plugins on your site.

Site Origin: One of the most popular free WordPress page builders in the WordPress repository. The SiteOrigin builder works seamlessly with your existing WordPress widgets and works perfectly with any WordPress themes.

To Conclude,

A Page builder is a broad term, about many tools that allow you to build a website from scratch. Page Builders help by providing you with drag-and-drop functionality and pre-built elements that can be customized. For example, you might want to click on a button to access a contact form, place it wherever you want on your page, and personalize its appearance and functionality. A good page builder should be chosen focusing on two key criteria:

  1. Wide-ranging selection of elements which can be added to your site, and
  2. Simplicity and easy to use.
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