Eighty-six percent of companies are content with marketing with social tools, and out of that lot, only 41% use them for communicating and interacting with customers. With a systematic approach built on proper research and analysis, digital marketing ensures penetration among many people and targeting specific audiences for a product.

Here are some reasons why companies should take on digital marketing, ASAP:

  1. Cost- Effective: It is relatively cost effective than traditional offline promotion approaches. Besides, traditional offline approaches may go way beyond budget if companies do not properly use it while digital marketing you can set a budget and allocate a fixed amount.
  2. Coverage: Irrespective of demography, culture and language, digital marketing offers an efficient and wider public reach, which means that people sitting in any corner of the world can watch an advertisement for your products and services, if you wish that to happen.
  3. Audience Specific: It simplifies targeting a specific audience for range of products. For example, ads for youth products should be specifically for them and on the platforms, they are mostly to be on. Traditional marketing has the biggest limitation in targeting a specific audience and, digital marketing can easily change the game.
  4. Analysing and Monitoring: Companies can track and monitor the effect of their digital campaign with utmost ease. Businesses can know the customer response rates with only a minimal effort and research. Analysis and monitoring of outcome of campaigns helps companies in taking further critical decisions.
  5. Social Media Reimbursements: Digital Marketing facilitates publicizing your product or services using SMO (Social Media Optimization) techniques and provides benefits of promoting products through Social Platforms. Social media is a powerful stage for marketing, that enables any product to become a huge brand.
  6. More Eye-Catchy: It is more attractive than the traditional marketing. It can grab the attention of mass, if done correctly. It runs campaigns based on interests and habits of people using the platform to generate leads.
  7. Search engine Recognition: With proper implementation of white hat search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, digital marketing provides a facility to get higher rankings in the search engines that eventually would build the brand and increases sales figures. A survey reveals that people rely mostly on the websites that are on the first page of any search engine results page.
  8. Control in your Hands: Companies oversee their digital project and campaigns. From the very first step, companies get the control over the tools to find whether the campaign is in the right direction or if not, it can be changed effectively. You have very less control over physical offline marketing as compared to digital marketing.
  9. Competitive Advantage: You get to have an edge over competitors who have not yet applied any digital strategy for their business. Furthermore, one can contemplate rerun of marketing campaign or tweak it according to the analysis, in order to leverage the benefits of the latest marketing trend.
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