Brand consistency is important for small businesses as it plays a vital role in transmitting a specific feeling to customers in the form of a message that remains the same across all channels which should be reliable & consistent for the customers to reach out to the businesses regarding the products they sell or the services that they provide.

According to a statistical learning, 20 % of all small businesses fail in their first year 30% in the second year & 50 % after five years due to inconsistency in continuing a Brand consultant for a small business.

Let’s identify some measures which can be incorporated to improve brand reliability helping small businesses prosper:

Consistency in Design and Use of Logo.

It is essential for small businesses to uphold a consistent brand image by keeping their logos & colors uniform. Logo’s should be designed with a compatible color scheme that matches the business, in terms of the products they sell or the services they provide and if possible, the website should be color compatible too. Logo’s design should serve as a tool to identify your brand.

Brand Recognition

A Small business that has a physical premise for contact with the potential customers should run their branding in physical space and on Web as it serves its purpose of identification. Office space or industrial space can be painted in brand color & logos to make your branding prominent to any customer.

Never be an Oath break

“Always be known for the promises that you keep.” Small businesses should integrate measures & resources to deliver products in a specific time period. Businesses that fail to keep their promises (even verbal), end up generating a negative opinion for themselves, but occasionally there can be unavoidable delays in the products or services in that case, fair compensation should be provided to customers in order ensure a next visit, purchase & posting of a positive review.

Represent your Brand via Employees

Employees are that vital means to maximizes your marketing efforts. Training, irrespective of the department or nature of work, should be provided to the employees for communicating with customers about the usage of vocal tone and phrases to be used. Reward should be given to employees to keep them motivated on the job as it is significant for spreading positive insight among your customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media helps small businesses in ensuring that the organization gets noticed and what can be expected from the business by customers. It also aids brand visibility over the cyberspace and spreading awareness of the businesses about the products offered or the services that they provide. Use of Logo, punch lines, advertisement, the symbol should constantly be posted over the social media to maintain brand image.


Every brand, portray itself in the form of tone that plays an important role in its fame due to the type of clientele & specified target market it caters to. Small businesses can attract its target audience by airing advertisements that are on repeat in the right measure, reusing specific images such as a logo that can instil a feeling of familiarity in the audiences, feature a prominent influencer that can take the web by storm &, etc. Stick to a steady tone of voice that will fascinate the target market.

“A Strong, reliable brand, built up over time and good intention, is the best assurance of future earnings.”

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