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Brand consistency is important for small businesses as it plays a vital role in transmitting a specific feeling to customers in the form of a message that remains the same across all channels which should be reliable & consistent for the customers to reach out to the businesses regarding the products they sell or the services that they provide.

According to a statistical learning, 20 % of all small businesses fail in their first year 30% in the second year & 50 % after five years due to inconsistency in continuing a Brand consultant for a small business.

Let’s identify some measures which can be incorporated to improve brand reliability helping small businesses prosper:

Consistency in Design and Use of Logo.

It is essential for small businesses to uphold a consistent brand image by keeping their logos & colors uniform. Logo’s should be designed with a compatible color scheme that matches the business, in terms of the products they sell or the services they provide and if possible, the website should be color compatible too. Logo’s design should serve as a tool to identify your brand.

Brand Recognition

A Small business that has a physical premise for contact with the potential customers should run their branding in physical space and on Web as it serves its purpose of identification. Office space or industrial space can be painted in brand color & logos to make your branding prominent to any customer.

Never be an Oath break

“Always be known for the promises that you keep.” Small businesses should integrate measures & resources to deliver products in a specific time period. Businesses that fail to keep their promises (even verbal), end up generating a negative opinion for themselves, but occasionally there can be unavoidable delays in the products or services in that case, fair compensation should be provided to customers in order ensure a next visit, purchase & posting of a positive review.

Represent your Brand via Employees

Employees are that vital means to maximizes your marketing efforts. Training, irrespective of the department or nature of work, should be provided to the employees for communicating with customers about the usage of vocal tone and phrases to be used. Reward should be given to employees to keep them motivated on the job as it is significant for spreading positive insight among your customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media helps small businesses in ensuring that the organization gets noticed and what can be expected from the business by customers. It also aids brand visibility over the cyberspace and spreading awareness of the businesses about the products offered or the services that they provide. Use of Logo, punch lines, advertisement, the symbol should constantly be posted over the social media to maintain brand image.


Every brand, portray itself in the form of tone that plays an important role in its fame due to the type of clientele & specified target market it caters to. Small businesses can attract its target audience by airing advertisements that are on repeat in the right measure, reusing specific images such as a logo that can instil a feeling of familiarity in the audiences, feature a prominent influencer that can take the web by storm &, etc. Stick to a steady tone of voice that will fascinate the target market.

“A Strong, reliable brand, built up over time and good intention, is the best assurance of future earnings.”


WordPress is one of the most popular website development CMS platforms available. More often, it is the first choice for website owners and developers, owing to the fact that it is easy to use, stable, and offers a ton of plugins and themes to make your website look and work, exactly the way you imagine it be it personal or professional. WordPress commands about 31% of the CMS market share. With such a huge market captured, it is easy to envision that there are a ton of WordPress websites and more who are planning to use WordPress as CMS for their upcoming websites. It is extremely vital to have a good understanding of what WordPress Optimization is.

WordPress optimization is the process of enhancing, tweaking and customizing the WordPress set up in order to improve performance, make it load faster and more easily discoverable for. It consists of many things, that includes, having the right specifications, updating WordPress time to time, optimizing databases, managing plugins, etc. All of which are geared to make an efficient WordPress website. Let’s get into the specifications of WordPress management and see what it involves.

  1. Having the apt system specifications:

    To run WordPress smoothly it requires specific requirements in terms of hardware and utilities. For WordPress, you need the following:

  • PHP version 7.2 or greater
  • At least MySQL version 5.6 OR MariaDB version 10.0
  • HTTPS support: The first thing you need to do is ensure your server has these specifications. A simpler alternative would be to opt for WordPress Hosting as it already takes care of the system requirements and specifications. Not running WordPress on its ideal conditions has the threat of making your website slow. Website may also experience crashing time to time, if the specifications are not favourable.
  1. Always keeping WordPress and Plugins in use Up to Date:

    The worst mistake you could do to your WordPress website is to use an outdated version of WordPress. It affects the performance of the website negatively and help in breach of the security of your website. Keep your plugins and themes updated to ensure that website works to its full potential and there are no compatibility issues. Also, it is recommended to only keep the plugins that you use and delete the ones that are not in use, to keep overall WordPress ecosystem a lot lighter and faster.

  2. Optimize WP-Database:

    The WP Database holds everything that is valued to your website. This includes all the website pages, posts, forms, form entries, plugin settings, theme settings, etc. As your website keeps getting better and bigger, more and more data is stored in the WP Database. Over the period, the WP Database may become heavy and sluggish which affects the overall speed of the website. There are ways to manually to periodically optimize WP Database and there are also quite a few plugins available that can help like, WPOptimize, Advanced Database Cleaner and WP DMManager which have recognized to work in the past for better results.

  3. Optimizing Speed:

    Speed is important for a positive user experience. Moreover, a fast and reliable website helps with organic search visibility. To know where you stand on the speed front, use tools like Lighthouse and Google PageSpeed Insights. These tools will not only help you understand where you stand in terms of website speed but also provide a clear plan of action to improve it. Some basic things that you should take care of are:

  • Enabling Gzip on the server
  • Ensure compression and optimization of images and videos
  • Utilize sprites to deliver images more efficiently and try to make the best of server-side and browser caching. There are also certain efficient WordPress plugins that can help you improve the speed of the website.
  1. Security:

    No website owner wants to go through the painful process of recuperating from a website breach or data loss. There are ways to optimize the security of your WordPress website, ensure your WordPress is updated, and that you have SSL setup on your website. Moreover, ensure that the directories such as WP-Content and WP-Upload do not allow any PHP code to be run on them. Furthermore, it would be a good idea to have 3rd party sophisticated tools to ramp up the security.

These 5 steps should be the initial points of WordPress optimization and you can evolve over time once you get into the groove. Hope this helps you to understand what WordPress Optimization is and how to go about it.



Video marketing is surpassing all trends and fads and has become a mainstay of marketing. Video is important whether it is from the company making the products or the people or influencer who are using the products or services. When you think about any digital marketing strategy, the main elements that pop up are PPC, content and social media. It is more likely that video marketing has been forgotten. Video marketing is going to be massive; it is going to be a key to market your products and services. It’s time to pay attention to video and improve the rank in the SERPs.


Improving search for your product is vital to your digital marketing strategies. Video SEO is going to be huge because it’s an excellent way to safeguard that you are ranking higher in Google or other search engines. You need to have on point video marketing strategy that focuses on the importance of video.
YouTube has been wildly successful over the years now. Getting a cut of the latest trends is important. Video makes the process of understanding a lot easier therefore logically, everyone loves videos. Google loves videos too. There is a gigantic audience to be explored, and video is the way to do this. Even other social media platforms are milking on the video marketing strategy.


You don’t have to be an epitome of photographic intelligence with your video. Use Instagram videos or others to play around with the thought of video marketing. This is a great way to ensure that you are reaching out to public on a human level and not just on professional front.
YouTube is perfect for engagement of the video, just contemplate about the sheer amount of comments and responses that can be collected from real-life users. Having video marketing within your digital strategy is an exceptional way to quick response from your users and clients. Ensure that you are answering to people who comment on your video to maintain the interaction.
Engagement is the crucial to any effective strategy. Video format is one of the best and fast way to engage and communicate with your adoring supporters.


Plan out your video marketing strategy, do not engage in randomness do checkout the metrics that it works on. Analyse the success rate and consider how well a video can or is performing and how well is the audience receiving it. Also ensure that you are using the platforms inbuilt analytical tool to see how effective your campaigns are.

Brand Building

Video is an effective and efficient way to build the brand. Branding is needed for every company and having a great video campaign can ensure achievement for the long-term. Every brand has its own individual USP and the consumers have it imprinted on their mind if a specific brand videos pop up.
Video marketing is expected to continue growing because, it works and driving more traffic. Video production is also getting easier to do, with all the reasonable budget and user-friendly technologies available.


Several entrepreneurs and small, mid-sized, and large businesses are turning to digital world to market their products, services, and even ideas. It is important that you determine what makes your offering unique, if you are hopeful of making a mark in the highly competitive online community. Reaching out to your target audience requires you to have a professional web presence.

Why Hire a Professional Web Development Company?

Simply getting an average website for your business does not mean you will get the online attention that you need. A professional web design and development company knows what it takes to boost a brand’s online presence, and these companies have teams to handle different facets. For instance, the process starts with determining the most suitable domain name, which often is the company’s name with or without keywords that describe its products the best.

The professional web design service provider introduces its client to the team of web designers. Together, they articulate concepts that will go into creating a good website that attracts potential customers. The conceptual stage involves brainstorming on aspects such as logos, colour schemes, and layouts, to create a visually appealing website for its visitors. The professional website design cost a bit more, nevertheless, it is crucial that you let an experienced team work on your website, especially if you want to get that important edge over your competition.

The Customer’s Perspective

Most consumers prefer dealing with businesses that appear to be professional, and it’s no different when they turn online. If your business website looks less-than-appealing, your existing and potential customers will look for alternatives. A professional web presence works extremely well in creating a positive perception of your brand. Your customers start relating to your brand, and positive interactions begin.
Customers want a positive and hassle-free shopping experience, without having to worry about the information they share online. Part of creating a professional web presence also requires that you provide high levels of security, and this is another aspect best left to the experts.

How to choose a Professional Web Development and Design Service Provider?

The first thing you should look for in a professional web design and development company is the ability to provide uniqueness. What you don’t want is a standard boring website, and you should also steer clear of using professional website design regular templates. The company you work with should design your website from scratch because this way your website is designed keeping in mind your needs and specifications. Besides, the average consumer now knows how to differentiate between run-of-the-mill websites and ones created professionally.

While working with the best web design company does not guaranty results, you may find that a smaller company devotes more time, energy, and resources toward your needs and development. When working with a large company, getting in touch with its support team might be a challenge, whereas smaller companies tend to be customer-oriented and try to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

Choose wisely.

Successful online presence is an important part of a successful business because there are many individuals looking for businesses using the internet. Professional website is needed to target audience to easily find your business and one that convinces visitors to follow the call to action. As a business owner, you must ensure mistakes are avoided when creating a business website to succeed which will eventually be shown in sales.

Most people just create websites so that their businesses can enter just to show their online presence. But there is a lot of work that goes into creating a business website and has crucial part to play in marketing your business. A bad website is worse than not having a website at all, because a website abandoned will hurt the reputation of your business more than not having one. Let us look at the common mistakes and their solutions that will help you to make better decisions.

Making A Business Website That Is Not Mobile Responsive

According to stats, there are more mobile phone users accessing the internet than those using desktops and laptops as it is more convenient and easily accessible option. Therefore, every website should be created keeping in mind the responsiveness for mobile users. Despite these stats, there are still many business websites that are not mobile-friendly and may suffer loss as they are not tapping the potential mobile phones customers.

The best way to solve this problem is to move with technology. You do not need to have a separate website you just need the website to be responsive web design so that your website content is visible on different screen sizes without compromising on user experience. A person using a desktop screen will be able to view the website the same way as a mobile phone user will. The only alteration is that the content will be attuned according to the size of the screen. This means that everyone will be taken care of regardless of which screen they are using, and the engagement rate does not drop.

Creating Vague Content

Talking about vague content, we are referring to a website with limited and not to the point and specific content. Listing all the services but expanding them by having a page for each service should be the practice for content. Hiding your services on the general services page limits the specific keyword content that search engines look for. A page for every different service will also help visitors read content for the exact service they are looking for.  Consider asking questions what the customers would want to know about the product or service, if you have no idea what to write as specific content. Create content on the point between 500 and 1000 words for every page to have good impact on visitors.

Poor Page Optimization

Optimization of the pages as you create the website is very essential part and it should not be forgotten or ignored, the basic optimization is not that technical. The best-ranking sites include basics about the industry and location and the importance of this element of optimization. Always make sure you are including the focus keywords properly in the pages, include internal links and you will love the results small changes gives. When your pages are optimized, they have better chances of being ranked higher on search engine result pages which gives the business more exposure.

Poor Loading Speed

Users are looking for websites that load fast and if not, they will leave your site and visit another site and may never come back. Speed is very important especially when you have an e-commerce business website. Most users will not wait for a slow website while there are many other sites that can load faster. Another important purpose is the fact that Google also considers the load speed element in the ranking your website. Optimize your website’s code to make the site efficient, use SSD hosting that are hundreds of times faster than the conventional spinning disks, and reduce use of unnecessary media that might be slowing your website down. Make sure your website is simple and optimized yet attractive enough to keep the visitor long enough to convert them to buyers.

Lack of Content Strategy

One of the best ways to keep the website renewed is having a blog section, this section should be updated with content often. People will not come only to your website to look at the service pages because they will not change much. In the blog section, you can share your industry’s news or your knowledge on certain relatable topics. Having a content strategy, will make sure that when a user visits the website again, they find the new piece of content they might be interested in. Also, this is a good way to stay relevant in search engines searches. Always think about what your audience is interested in and keep the relatable content over 500 words and 1000 if possible and the images optimized.


Your digital marketing is an important part of your business and your website is your representation in the online world. It is important that you avoid these mistakes when creating a business website for a successful site and growth in your business.


With the incredible progress in the introduction of websites, people who can create classic unique designs and platforms for making sure their online presence is what businesses are searching for. Web developers and creative designers are bringing in all their best technical expertise and skills to develop and create exclusive design websites that helps in pulling the crowd to the website. Most web developers and designers are aware with the latest trends, tools, techniques, technologies, and timelines that will help them get beautiful and efficient sites up in a short span of time. The development time of websites has reduced with the agile technologies that makes development easier. Here, we will cover the scope and future of web development.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence needs no introduction and how it would be the next thing of the web. Several companies and organizations are already started implementing AI for their requirements. Some have been reaping the benefits of AI for their businesses as it is intelligence displayed by machines as opposed to human intelligence or manpower.

The latest introduction in the field of AI is the grid, which makes web development process simpler and initiates development based on the content. There is no template or coding – just provide all instructions, and it will lay out what you want. Web development process now is more inclined toward giving the consumers what they need with the help of AI and not just giving them what the developer can create.

Virtual Reality

Some MNC’s and giants, such as Google and Microsoft, are already implementing virtual reality or web VR. Virtual reality can simply be defined as the process of implementing computer technology to create a thought-provoking virtual environment. VR can give users an experience, which cannot be delivered in any of the existing traditional interfaces. Rather than limiting access to a screen that is placed in front of them, users can now engage and interact with the 3D world in real time simply with the use of some basic VR tools.

A web developer should start thinking creatively integrating VR abilities in their profile of work. This would include taking up tasks and projects involving the research, evaluation, implementation and testing new and innovative methodologies within the web development experience.

360-Degree Video

The 360-degree video has become a prevalent thing in the web world lately. These days, most websites display a 360-degree video as the end users love to see it and mostly to grab their attention. Most people associate 360-degree video experience with Virtual Reality. When you have enough experience in VR technology, it becomes easier to create a 360-degree video experience for the users.

The aim is to provide high-tech features for end users which will help boost their brand awareness. So, when as a web developer, you must have experience and skills in the latest and best modern technology, like software engineering, 3D designing, video/sound production, video/game development and UX and UI skills.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a computing concept that brings into view the idea of connecting everyday physical items with the internet and making it easier to detect these with other devices. It might include other technologies as well, such as wireless technologies, QR codes and sensor technologies. Any object that can embody itself digitally becomes something greater or bigger than the original object. This object is now not only connected to its user but to a lot of other databases.

It would involve a link between applications and physical devices, which will need the developers to be flexible to exhibit a wide range of skills, and knowledge of tools, such as Arduino, Eclipse IoT, IBM Watson IoT, IFTTT and Zetta.

Motion User Interface (UI)

Motion UI is a SaaS library used in custom CSS, with this, web developers can create attractive designs that enable exclusive transitions and animations that helps in enhancing the appearance of the website and create interest in the visitor. One of the interesting features of a motion UI is that it is easy to comprehend and understand and offers a great deal of ease which users love with other unique things.


They’re close to a billion active websites today, in every second, several websites are developed which is extremely significant to web service providers. But the concern is, how are these websites are developed, how do the creators make them, how do they protect them from cyber-threats? To develop a secure website, the developer must abide by some set of steps from registration, design, coding, functionality, and evolution. The basic steps required to create a secure website for personal or business purposes are:

Choosing a Proficient Host

When creating a secure website, a developer has a diversity of hosting options to choose from, where every provider has some or the other peculiar benefits that empowers them to have advantage to their websites. But most importantly, their level of protection is determined by features like WAF – web application firewall, as well as DDoS security. There are many proficient web hosts that enable web developers to govern the degree of security, and this is undeniably the first step of creating a secure website.

Choosing the Appropriate Content Management System (CMS)

CMS is a very crucial tool, when creating a website as it aids the management of future web content, and most importantly allows improvement in web security, examining the program code and handling the fast web processes. CMS allows website developers to build, edit, run, and support web pages on one platform. The tool restructures the design of websites as well as publishing of content, thus ensuring the website and the content in it are efficient. CMS guards the website against susceptibilities and eradicates possible security breaches.

Management of Add-ons and Plugins

Add-ons and plugs improve the experience of web users, but excessive use of these elements is not healthy for a secure website. The excess of these add-ons and plugins causes low responsiveness of the site. Consistent monitoring of these web accessories deteriorates the likelihood of defensive systems. Add-ons and plugs require constant updates and maintenance, manage these carefully to ensure maximum benefits without hampering the security of your website.

Enabling Several Access Levels

During website development stage, accessing some website features must be limited to prevent probable errors and crashes. For example, separate logins should be provided for your workers to manage tweaks and publishing content that fends off errors. The website owner should hold the overall control of the site as they are privileged with controlling the manipulations and modifications that occur on the secure website.

Implementing Reliable Passwords

Using inadequate and weak passwords often are the cause of data breaches which is a serious problem to businesses. With the developer or development company to create a site, it is critical to set the best practices for password creation. Cyber-security specialists advise users to use diverse password platforms to create reliable and sturdy passwords.

Setting up Automatic Backups

Backup systems are serious solutions that recuperate the significant data of your website and assist to relaunch the website. Victims of data loss try to determine what exactly led to the crash, business owners can guard their information from time-consuming recovery period and for hiring expensive services by simply adopting a backup system. Business owners should store and manage their data in trusted zones such as a central server, to secure it against threats and breaches. These automatic backup systems eliminate the need for starting the whole work from scratch when a crash on the websites befall.

Regular Maintenance of Security Subscription

Security applications such as SSL certificates require the owner to purchase them through time specific subscriptions. Website owners are required to subscribe to updates of the recurring security patches for their efficient hosts and CMS platforms.

Using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates

SSL certificates are considered as one of the surest ways of safeguarding online purchases. These  certificates enable website owners to verify the information submitted by consumers to their website with the valid data provided by their host. SSL enables the website owner to gather critical information such as credit card numbers. In addition to SSL, websites exchange HTTP addresses for HTTPS addresses as the HTTPS addresses enhances the security of the website and act as a trust factor for the customers and other business partners.

Setting Testing Time

Systematically inspecting the websites enables developers to test all the segments of the website to determine which part needs improvement and what is completely working as per the plan. The developer should go through the webpages and features that are available to the website visitors, and if any error notifications or apprehensive glitches appear, the developer must solve them. Planning a systematic testing process allows developers to diagnose the deficient areas and patch up the website.

The small business owners are more susceptible as they lack enough funds and diligence to contract good security authorities. But most security experts agree that most websites that experience attacks are the ones that do not follow simple and easy preventive measures during their development stage. The above steps are very simple ways to create a reliable, reputable, and secure website with just a little effort.


WordPress is one of the most widespread CMS equipped with tons of theme options and treasured plugins. WordPress security is not only about updating plugins and themes or attainment of backup of the website. Make sure that your site hasn’t been hacked, it doesn’t ensure that it is secure and will never be hacked. Hackers, eye for websites that generate good revenue with a high traffic volume and valuable data. WordPress security is priceless and is a continuous process.

The best way to make your WordPress site secure is to strengthen its security barricades. Technically, there is no 100% protected website!

Here are some tips to fix WordPress Security issues to protect your site from being hacked or getting infiltrated!

  1. Use Strong Password

Your passwords should be difficult to crack with a minimum of 10 characters and keep changing it every so often. Better to keep different passwords for multiple websites with a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and digits with special characters.

  1. Two-phase Login Authentication

You should implement two-factor authentication to secure your website from instinctive force attacks, which will offer you an extra layer of security during login. You can also facilitate to provide a one-time passcode which you receive through SMS to your phone to log in to your website.

  1. Restrict login attempts

To prevent these multiple attempts to login, you can limit the number of times a person can try to log in a stipulated time slot. This will save your website from attacks and the IP addresses of users are blocked in case the threshold limit of failed login attempts is crossed.

  1. Scheduled Backups

For an improved security of your website, you must have a crisis management plan in place by having a scheduled backup plan for your website. If something goes terribly wrong, you can rely on the backup to reinstate to the version prior to the damage and work from there on to ensure proper working of the website.

  1. Change admin username

Never ever keep “admin” as the username as it is the utmost popular and common name which any hacker can assume easily. Create a new user and give him administrative authorities. Better to allot your posts to the new admin user and delete the old admin version from WordPress.

  1. Good hosting provider will be an advantage.

All these tips and security concerns may not be useful if you do not have a dependable and strong hosting provider and the security of your host itself is not vulnerable to these attacks. So, it is wise to select the best hosting provider to ensure a secured hosting.

  1. Keep WordPress Always Updated

WordPress always releases an updated version whenever a security issue arises to counter the security fault. Upgrade your WordPress installation as and when a new version is released as the older version may be vulnerable.

  1. Delete unnecessary plugins

Better to delete the inactive plugins altogether if you are not going to use it to cut down the vulnerability. Just deactivating the dismissed plugins isn’t enough delete it to make sure you do not have the trace of it and cut off all possibilities for the hackers to get any loose ends to enter the website.

These are some of the most prevalent and easily used security checks that can keep your WordPress website safe and secure, away from any WordPress security breach issues. Protecting the WordPress environment is a continuous process. You need to be mindful of the new threats and its solutions and update yourself about tricks and tools to deal with them. Hire a well-established WordPress Developer/company to get these WordPress development services done on your behalf to keep your website healthy and secure.


Technology has revolutionized the global network into a small place where connecting with people is very easy and effortless. In this digital time, knowledge and data sharing is simpler than ever before. With the developing technology and changing attitude of consumers, new tools and mechanisms transpire and the digital marketing industry is also no exception.

The evolution in this scenario is extraordinary and consistent. To stay ahead in this race, you need to know these technological progresses in the digital marketing genre.

Digital marketing trends (2020) that are going to influence the entire landscape of digital marketing in terms of technology are:

Shift on Private Messaging Apps.

Brands would shift their focus to use of custom-made and private messaging apps to connect with their consumer and investors like Viber, WhatsApp, and WeChat. Long promotional emails will be replaced using private apps and private messaging groups. These services will also become an efficient way to effortlessly pay online using Paypal, Venmo, and WeChat.

Chatbots Will be Dominant.

Chatbots will also remain to gain their importance in this online marketing period. These Chatbots intermingle with people visiting the website and can reply to their queries in real-time. The use of chatbots will not only cut down the hiring individuals but will also save time as it provides answers quickly as they are automated. This will surge customer satisfaction levels.

Personalization will go Prevail.

Industrialist companies like Amazon, Netflix, Nike, are trying with individual personalization. Many companies have data and analytical abilities to create customized experiences for a consumer. It gives their loyal customers relevant notifications and deals at the right time, which they love. Personalization is the future of digital marketing.

Voice-Search will Increase.

With revolution in technology, more people have started using phones with voice assistants. Voice related searches will be presented in phones with Google, Siri, and Alexa for digital marketing. It will help in your day-to-day life, read text loudly, find your favourite music and can also dictate text messages.

Consumers focus on Clarity.

Today businesses are creating clear, without hassle and user-friendly information for customer retention. Companies will be more transparent on what type of information is shared and the messaging system they use, to endorse their services and products. This will reassure people to offer feedback to help improve their products.

These are the most prevalent technology-based digital marketing estimates of 2020 that are going to take the entire digital marketing scene into its stride. If you wish to benefit from these marketing trends, hire a Digital Marketing Company offering website development and digital marketing services.


While front-end association, shopping and gaming solutions are at the prime of public perception, public cloud computing and its enabling technologies are fencing the massive shift to remote work and entertainment. Office closures, social distancing and shelter-in-place orders have led to sustained demand in users of collaboration, shopping and entertainment services as the entire world transforms personal interactions to virtual ones.

Thus far, that unprecedented shift has gone off. As millions around the world work hard to stay productive, public cloud has enabled video conferencing, remote project collaboration, e-commerce, education, gaming and streaming video companies to meet unexpected-for demand.
Businesses and consumers appreciate the resilience that has been shown in recent weeks by front-end applications like Zoom, Skype and Slack, but it’s the back-end infrastructure of AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud that are keeping those much-needed services running smoothly.
And it’s not just the hyperspaces that are rising to the challenge of a potentially transformative moment in the history of technology.
Due to the coronavirus crisis the sudden shift to remote work and socialization also wouldn’t be possible without software solutions that enable rapid, secure and consistent deployment of application environments.


The cloud computing applications boom has fundamentally transformed how businesses operate. Virtually every application now runs in the cloud, making it easier than ever to acquire and leverage those applications to make businesses more agile and efficient. The most important that it has enabled a world of mobility where users can be productive from any location, as access to those applications is no longer restricted to being in the office. It has also made possible emergency work-from-home by the coronavirus outbreak.

Cloud computing services companies let customers rent remote computing power, mounting up and down usage, and related costs, as needed.

The cloud has constantly changed the old model of organizations building and owning their servers and data centers, which takes time, requires large up-front capital outlays as well as ongoing maintenance costs, and leaves them with excess computing capacity that goes unused except during brief periods of peak demand.

A business running on the cloud that suffers from outburst in customer traffic to its website can immediately call on servers in a global network of Amazon or Microsoft data centers to handle the load. When the traffic fades, they can turn off those services. Equally, if a company needs to perform a complex analysis or test a machine learning algorithm, it can rent nearly limitless computing power from a cloud provider for a few hours, rather than incurring the cost of owning it.

Sending users data directly to the cloud allows users to connect with speed and security as any amount of bandwidth—even the minimum 1000Mbps provided by Google Fiber, for example. As you see the digital world has utterly changed. If you are still using the desktop applications that can’t provide work from home to your employees, or they’re doing it through a VPN service. It’s about time to think about the transition from desktop to cloud-based application that will open new opportunities to your company and your customers.