Designing websites with static HTML code in action was a thing of past. Unlike this traditional way of designing websites, today PSD to HTML and then HTML to WordPress which leads to PSD to WordPress conversion is used the most. The issues with earlier HTML websites was that the styles and the scripts were coded with HTML frameworks and this became the reason for websites getting slower. As a lot of same code will be loaded for each page, it further contributes to slowing down the speed of the website. In order to resolve this issue, web developers come up with an innovative HTML to WordPress conversion technique.

Converting the static HTML website into dynamic WordPress platform provides a number of benefits. WordPress is not just the perfect blogging platform but also offers the benefits of creating a perfect website. As WordPress offers a plethora of benefits when considered for website creation, we are presenting the 5 reasons to switch to this platform :

• A Dynamic CMS

The old-school HTML websites are static having lots of pages and lines of hard codes as well. Each of these pages on the site is equal to one HTML file having same layout and design. WordPress websites, on the other hand, are easy to create, update as well as manage and with the same reason, it has got a preference over the static HTML website design service. WordPress has been originally developed for publishing purposes with a lot of functions embedded in the platform, which makes it dynamic at the same time.

• Easy to Work

WordPress is fairly easy to use with the support of vibrant community available 24*7. This exceptional content management system offers a number of additional plugins and themes as well that make the web development job much easier. Themes offer a definite look to the websites and plugins. On the other hand, they are used to add definitive features to the websites. With WordPress, the website coding becomes easy and not much technical. This is the reason a number of beginners prefer using the platform.

• SEO-Friendly

WordPress has been built to embrace search engines and such a feature makes it SEO-friendly. The exceptional WordPress features guide search engines from posts, pages, and categories in order to help them crawl your site and gather the required information. It helps search engines include any definite site in their database. WordPress offers a number of other security features and helps users optimize their websites as per SEO guidelines. It is also an exceptional platform to get higher rankings over the search engines, which is the ultimate aim of creating business websites. There are outstanding plugins to make any WordPress website more search engine friendly.

• Huge Community of Developers

WordPress has got a vibrant community behind it that supports the beginners to guide them through the issues. Another good thing about WordPress is that it is an open-source platform and the users keep on contributing to the platform. Developers also keep on releasing new updates that help users remain updated with the current happenings in the WordPress arena. Thus, the continuous support from the vibrant community makes it an exceptional experience for new users to get involved with WordPress. The support of hundreds of people from all across the globe has helped this content management system grow bigger and better every single day.

• Customizable According to your Design

WordPress offers the freedom of customizing your website as per the designs by choosing a related theme. The theme customization, at first, may look like a complicated job but it is easy to accomplish, of course, with the support of the exceptional WordPress community. Thus, WordPress can further be utilized in order to create websites depending upon the business preferences. The looks and the functions can also be modified further, which is, of course, for the benefit of the business. For customizing the websites, users have the option of choosing them either from free as well as premium WordPress themes.

Now that we have talked much on why WordPress is preferred over HTML websites, here is a note on which type of coding will seem ideal for WordPress to HTML conversion.

Although HTML to WordPress converter tools may seem an option to go with; however, it cannot match to the results you have with manual coding particularly when it is about converting HTML website to WordPress theme. Additionally, there is nothing good in involving in a practice that offers a bad experience at last. Thus, it is a worthy option to choose the choose the right service provider.


Having a number of benefits with WordPress, switching to this exceptional platform is always beneficial for a number of reasons. Today in this every changing competitive business world, having a dynamic WordPress website can be the ultimate solution for your business to grow in the current arena.

“A picture is worth a thousand words!” and it really goes true for advertising in the e-commerce industry through a WordPress website. Images do really have a pivotal role to play on websites and their presence also helps in holding the users for longer. Additionally, it also enhances the website’s presence and makes it more engaging for the users.

Images are really important for any kind of website especially for e-commerce ones as they hold clients better than the long-written description in the form of content on any website. Thus, adding a picture-perfect image can be the last requirement for your WordPress website to make it very much popular among WordPress website users.

The Need To Optimize Images Over Your WordPress Website

When it comes to using images over websites, one thing that must be kept in mind is to optimize the images as per the layout of your WordPress website. To simplify this task of placing images on the layout of the website, you can use an image placeholder generator tool that helps in creating dummy images to be put on display. Moreover, images take considerable space over your WordPress website and therefore, it is essential to optimize them so that they can’t hamper the website’s loading speed.

Too many images over the website add to the extra server storage space, which results in the increased bandwidth of the website. As we have already explained earlier, optimizing these images is the ultimate solution. A fast loading website is your required ingredient for developing a functional user-centric website. Thus, websites having exceptional speed bring more users, more sales, more revenues to the business that make it much more successful.

Benefits of optimizing the images

  • Enhanced ranking
  • Swift processing
  • Better performance
  • Increased sales
  • Amplified ROI

Now let us familiarize you with a few factors that you should consider while heading towards image optimization process on your WordPress site:


ALT TEXT is abbreviated for Alternative Text and it is used to denote picture so that users can easily recognize the same over the server.

Image Format

There are three different kinds of image file formats that are used mostly. Here is a short description on all of them.


JPEG is used prominently for photographic images with a range of color distribution.


PNG is mostly used for illustrative images like icons, logos, screen shots, banners, and other imagery.


The format is the best to use for animated images. GIFs make use of lossless compression technique to compress the animated images.

File Name

It is important to tag your file with a proper name so that search engines as well as users can find the file easily. Thus, we advise choosing descriptive filename with the keyword so that the image can rank high on the search engine.

Eg: Google will read your image as

WordPress-Image-Optimization as WordPress Image Optimization
WordPress_Image_Optimization as WordPressImageOptimization

Hence, it’s better to use WordPress-Image-Optimization as the file name.

File Size

With Google’s latest ranking algorithm, it favors the websites having improved speed. Basically, images occupy 63% of any website’s space; therefore, image optimization techniques must be kept into notice while using these images over the website. Again resizing the images by using Photoshop is going to help that too without compromising the quality of the images. Besides Photoshop, there are other options also that include:

Windows: PNGGauntlet, RIOTMAC: ImageOptimLinux: TrimageCross Platform: GIMPOnline: TinyPNG


Captions are considered a descriptive form of images data that are informative and explanatory at the same time. It is not directly related to affect a page’s ranking but ensures the decrease in bounce rate. Now let’s know a bit about image optimizer plugins that enhance the speed of your WordPress website.


WP Smush it

WP Smush.it is counted as one of the best image optimization plugins because of the fact that WP Smush Pro simply lets you compress JPEG, GIF, and PNG images one by one or sometimes in the group with the help of smushing servers.

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer makes use of the lossless technique in order to optimize images automatically. The best thing about utilizing this plugin is that it does not compromise on the quality of the visual grounds. More to this, the users need not worry about the optimization of previously uploaded images as EWWW works on them too.

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