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Astonishingly, WordPress powers over a quarter of world’s websites. With WordPress, one has access to uncountable themes and plugins to choose from. It has been around 14 years WordPress is among us as a robust CMS and it continues to grow steadily and surprising WP lovers and web developers with its regular updates. Every year, we learn about various WP techniques and trends that get introduced for the welfare of business websites. Even, from past few years, you might have observed the growing popularity of PSD to WordPress conversion in the industry. With such popularity and demand, WordPress is enjoying the domination all across the digital market.

So, if you are a WordPress connoisseur or have an eye on detail for the same, you probably have noticed few changes in the platform. Apart from those few, there are many new trends that are running across the market and supposed to be in demand in 2017.

Let us have a look at some of the unbeatable WordPress Trends for 2017:

1. Single-page Websites

Simplicity is the key to the great usability of anything. It has become a priority for web owners to make their web layouts as simple as users attract towards it within a single glance. Single-page website is a beneficial  WordPress update or trend for individuals and companies dealing in a single product. Apart from being wonderful in appeal, these websites are effectively conducive to storytelling which make visitors stay on that particular page for long.

2. Integration of Parallex Scrolling

Parallex scrolling has come in existence for some time and it is likely to be in trend in upcoming time. Single-page websites can take advantage of this new trend as it creates an immersive impression on visitors and enhances customer engagement by reducing the bounce rates effectively. Implementing this trend can make your WordPress website attractive in all manners.

3. Ecommerce Based Themes

Due to the popularity and success of WordPress, many ecommerce businesses are increasingly shifting towards the WordPress platform. There is a huge contribution of many flexible WP themes that allow designers to integrate a number of features and functionalities as per needs. WooCommerce is one of them which provides to the users an online shopping platform to explore a variety of products over different destinations.

4. Interactive Video Headers

WordPress comes with a new default theme every year. This year, it has appeared with a default theme namely “Twenty Seventeen” which has the feature of Video Headers. Although in the web market, video headers are not a new concept, but previously it was so popular among users as there has been hardly any WP theme supporting this feature. This year default theme has new features which depict that in the future all the WordPress websites would have video headers.

5. VR-optimized Themes

Virtual reality is something which has spread everywhere in the industry. Now, it is no more restricted to gaming but also it has the implications for web design. Nowadays, VR-optimized themes are gaining immense popularity due to its advanced VR features. Soon, the users will be surfing the websites based on VR-optimized themes using VR devices. So, you can predict VR as a powerful WordPress Trends for 2017.

6. Expressive Typography Technique

Previously, web designers were confined to using a small portion of fonts to the websites. But now, with the use of expressive typography, web developers can use dynamic fonts. This effective trend creates stylish typography which immediately picks visitors attention. One can add these expressive fonts to their main headers and front pages to make them alive. WP typography trend is expected to continue as the crucial web design trend in 2017.

7. High Rise In Mobile First Websites

At present, most of the people prefer using their mobile phones for online shopping, accessing & browsing many things and keeping in touch with social media networks. Smartphone usage has been increasingly touching the heights and it seems that users can see a huge expansion in the ratio of mobile users. Therefore, WordPress developers or users must follow this trend and focus on building mobile websites and layouts.

8. Focus On Encrypted & HTTPS Websites

Website security is the prime concern in this fast-growing market. Due to the adverse results and theft, Google intensely forces and encourages website owners to add additional security features to their WordPress websites. As a result, most of the web owners have secured their websites by converting their websites from HTTP to HTTPS. Google said that in the upcoming year, it would be mandatory for all websites URL to be started from HTTPS. It is quite difficult to switch your website from HTTP to HTTPS, but considering the security aspects, this trend looks beneficial.

9. Drastic Growth In SaaS Plugins

The term “SaaS” might be traditional for some users, but in WordPress world, it has come up with a Software as a service business model. This model provides advanced functionality at affordable prices. For WordPress users, this trend may be a new approach, but it is highly demanded and used by a large WordPress crowd. For instance: OptinMonster allows users to use various products on a subscription charge basis which lessens the bar and increases profits in terms of excellent sales.

10. Increased Use of Microinteractions

Creating microinteractions in the web pages is of great use as these make the user interested towards the page he is going through. In the year 2017, this trend will continue to be popular in web design and development realm. These small yet engaging microinteractions are everywhere in the form of simple visual feedback and moving animations. Along with the page design, they provide alluring highlights regarding the content and keep visitors on that particular page for long.

Final Thoughts:

By going through the aforementioned WordPress trends, we can clearly state that website designing and development will be fine-tuned in upcoming time. In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that one should always follow the latest and proven trends to make their websites look great. You should never try something on one’s recommendation, rather research about that methodology and if you see positive results then implement it for your layout. At the end, your aim should be to create something innovative which not only provides better user experience but also helps achieve great business results.

WordPress is covering each realm due to its powerful existence and supposed to win the hearts of technology lovers with its added features & functionalities. Approximately 23.5% of websites are being developed using the WordPress platform. The race does not end here, this ratio is expected to increase in upcoming time as people are becoming familiar with WordPress and turning towards building an enchanting website based on WP.

Developer’s and web owners are well aware of the fact that building a WordPress website does not demands hard core coding. Now, due to the optimum resource availability, it has become convenient to develop a website website. More importantly, it doesn’t take long to complete a WP website. Hence, people rely on WordPress (which is fast development platform) to get their WP development task accomplished.

WordPress development can be really daunting if the resources and the support do not fit adequately into the business prerequisites. It means you need to be careful if you are going to outsource WP services from a reliable WordPress development company or want to hire WordPress developer for your task accomplishment. Keep the fact in mind that your hired WP developers must possess in-depth knowledge of the platform and should be capable of making modifications to the site efficiently.

Everyone knows that working with the right group of WordPress designers is beneficial and adds value to the project. Therefore, it is mandatory to hire WordPress programmer by identifying all the major facets.

At MAXCODE IT Solutions, we let you know the right path to hire WordPress developers and help you build your next website easily. With us, you can simply explore what are the questions that need to be asked before having a WP developer on-board:


Experience matters more than anything else in this domain! The most important question to put while interviewing the outsourcing company is their overall experience for the same field. By doing this, you may get a variety of answers to this question and based on your project requirements you can easily opt WP development services. So, you should go with the firm or developer possessing minimal 3 or 4 years of industry experience.


This question is quite technical and assists you to identify the technical skills of your agency or developer. The motive behind asking this is to understand the developer’s ability that how he manages website development. Both the options are good. If you don’t need to add additional functionalities to your site, an automated them will work better. On the other hand, with a customized theme, you will be free to modify and update whatever and whenever you want as per business requirements. If you hire WordPress programmers from MAXCODE IT Solutions, you will be facilitated with both the advantages.


It is next unavoidable question in the queue! Responsiveness needs to be integrated to each business website as in this technology world, everyone is slanting towards accessing stuff via desktops, tablets and smartphones. You should ask your prospective WordPress development agency or developer if they are expert to carry out the website development incorporating responsiveness. You cannot overlook this feature because currently, 82% of the websites are responsive and attaining increased click through rates as compared to normal websites.


An added advantage of using WordPress is the huge developer’s community blessed with skilled WordPress plugin developer behind it which has provided a library of plugins to further facilitate the developers and webmasters. If there is any functionality you want to add in your website, surely a WP plugin will help you in it. This is crucial to add in a site. So, when you decide to hire WordPress experts make sure they are integrating some useful plugins to your website. You should also optimize that they have not filled the site with excessive plugins.


There is no doubt that WordPress in itself is an SEO-friendly platform which completely supports to incorporate SEO practices for better results. Despite having reliable SEO features, WP website still needs some techniques to be applied. Choosing such a developer who first comprehends the negative and positive aspects of your website would be profitable. To hire WordPress designer, your prime objective is to ask him for the tactics they will apply to boost the ranking of your future website.


This is the most important question to be asked when you hire WordPress developers in India. With the popularity of WordPress platform, more and more web owners demand to transform their existing website into it. WordPress is making it easier for the web owners and developers to modify the entire look and feel of the website by converting it into a beautiful WordPress theme. The one who is expert in developing WP websites should also know the techniques of PSD to WordPress conversion.


If your hired WordPress developer is capable enough to make your website strong yet robust then he must also be expert in making the developed website secure. For the sake of website security, you must ask this question to your would be development partners if they have complete knowledge of implementing the security tricks to the WordPress website. You may also how will they do to protect the site from hackers? In addition, you need to know their potential for strengthening your WordPress website.


Before reaching to any decision, don’t skip the main part of website design and development which is the future support & maintenance of the project. On the way to your list of questions, ask your selected company if they can provide support after website launch. If they are comfortable with it then put a question regarding their communication channels, they prefer to converse with clients. Once you get to know, you can take the final decision.

Final Words:

In order to make your upcoming website effective and fully functional, you need to meet the above-mentioned criteria by asking the right questions at the beginning of the process. The aforementioned 8 questions of this post will not only assist you in discovering the best WordPress developer or company but will also encourage you to know other aspects of website development.


Designing websites with static HTML code in action was a thing of past. Unlike this traditional way of designing websites, today PSD to HTML and then HTML to WordPress which leads to PSD to WordPress conversion is used the most. The issues with earlier HTML websites was that the styles and the scripts were coded with HTML frameworks and this became the reason for websites getting slower. As a lot of same code will be loaded for each page, it further contributes to slowing down the speed of the website. In order to resolve this issue, web developers come up with an innovative HTML to WordPress conversion technique.

Converting the static HTML website into dynamic WordPress platform provides a number of benefits. WordPress is not just the perfect blogging platform but also offers the benefits of creating a perfect website. As WordPress offers a plethora of benefits when considered for website creation, we are presenting the 5 reasons to switch to this platform :

• A Dynamic CMS

The old-school HTML websites are static having lots of pages and lines of hard codes as well. Each of these pages on the site is equal to one HTML file having same layout and design. WordPress websites, on the other hand, are easy to create, update as well as manage and with the same reason, it has got a preference over the static HTML website design service. WordPress has been originally developed for publishing purposes with a lot of functions embedded in the platform, which makes it dynamic at the same time.

• Easy to Work

WordPress is fairly easy to use with the support of vibrant community available 24*7. This exceptional content management system offers a number of additional plugins and themes as well that make the web development job much easier. Themes offer a definite look to the websites and plugins. On the other hand, they are used to add definitive features to the websites. With WordPress, the website coding becomes easy and not much technical. This is the reason a number of beginners prefer using the platform.

• SEO-Friendly

WordPress has been built to embrace search engines and such a feature makes it SEO-friendly. The exceptional WordPress features guide search engines from posts, pages, and categories in order to help them crawl your site and gather the required information. It helps search engines include any definite site in their database. WordPress offers a number of other security features and helps users optimize their websites as per SEO guidelines. It is also an exceptional platform to get higher rankings over the search engines, which is the ultimate aim of creating business websites. There are outstanding plugins to make any WordPress website more search engine friendly.

• Huge Community of Developers

WordPress has got a vibrant community behind it that supports the beginners to guide them through the issues. Another good thing about WordPress is that it is an open-source platform and the users keep on contributing to the platform. Developers also keep on releasing new updates that help users remain updated with the current happenings in the WordPress arena. Thus, the continuous support from the vibrant community makes it an exceptional experience for new users to get involved with WordPress. The support of hundreds of people from all across the globe has helped this content management system grow bigger and better every single day.

• Customizable According to your Design

WordPress offers the freedom of customizing your website as per the designs by choosing a related theme. The theme customization, at first, may look like a complicated job but it is easy to accomplish, of course, with the support of the exceptional WordPress community. Thus, WordPress can further be utilized in order to create websites depending upon the business preferences. The looks and the functions can also be modified further, which is, of course, for the benefit of the business. For customizing the websites, users have the option of choosing them either from free as well as premium WordPress themes.

Now that we have talked much on why WordPress is preferred over HTML websites, here is a note on which type of coding will seem ideal for WordPress to HTML conversion.

Although HTML to WordPress converter tools may seem an option to go with; however, it cannot match to the results you have with manual coding particularly when it is about converting HTML website to WordPress theme. Additionally, there is nothing good in involving in a practice that offers a bad experience at last. Thus, it is a worthy option to choose the choose the right service provider.


Having a number of benefits with WordPress, switching to this exceptional platform is always beneficial for a number of reasons. Today in this every changing competitive business world, having a dynamic WordPress website can be the ultimate solution for your business to grow in the current arena.

“A picture is worth a thousand words!” and it really goes true for advertising in the e-commerce industry through a WordPress website. Images do really have a pivotal role to play on websites and their presence also helps in holding the users for longer. Additionally, it also enhances the website’s presence and makes it more engaging for the users.

Images are really important for any kind of website especially for e-commerce ones as they hold clients better than the long-written description in the form of content on any website. Thus, adding a picture-perfect image can be the last requirement for your WordPress website to make it very much popular among WordPress website users.

The Need To Optimize Images Over Your WordPress Website

When it comes to using images over websites, one thing that must be kept in mind is to optimize the images as per the layout of your WordPress website. To simplify this task of placing images on the layout of the website, you can use an image placeholder generator tool that helps in creating dummy images to be put on display. Moreover, images take considerable space over your WordPress website and therefore, it is essential to optimize them so that they can’t hamper the website’s loading speed.

Too many images over the website add to the extra server storage space, which results in the increased bandwidth of the website. As we have already explained earlier, optimizing these images is the ultimate solution. A fast loading website is your required ingredient for developing a functional user-centric website. Thus, websites having exceptional speed bring more users, more sales, more revenues to the business that make it much more successful.

Benefits of optimizing the images

  • Enhanced ranking
  • Swift processing
  • Better performance
  • Increased sales
  • Amplified ROI

Now let us familiarize you with a few factors that you should consider while heading towards image optimization process on your WordPress site:


ALT TEXT is abbreviated for Alternative Text and it is used to denote picture so that users can easily recognize the same over the server.

Image Format

There are three different kinds of image file formats that are used mostly. Here is a short description on all of them.


JPEG is used prominently for photographic images with a range of color distribution.


PNG is mostly used for illustrative images like icons, logos, screen shots, banners, and other imagery.


The format is the best to use for animated images. GIFs make use of lossless compression technique to compress the animated images.

File Name

It is important to tag your file with a proper name so that search engines as well as users can find the file easily. Thus, we advise choosing descriptive filename with the keyword so that the image can rank high on the search engine.

Eg: Google will read your image as

WordPress-Image-Optimization as WordPress Image Optimization
WordPress_Image_Optimization as WordPressImageOptimization

Hence, it’s better to use WordPress-Image-Optimization as the file name.

File Size

With Google’s latest ranking algorithm, it favors the websites having improved speed. Basically, images occupy 63% of any website’s space; therefore, image optimization techniques must be kept into notice while using these images over the website. Again resizing the images by using Photoshop is going to help that too without compromising the quality of the images. Besides Photoshop, there are other options also that include:

Windows: PNGGauntlet, RIOTMAC: ImageOptimLinux: TrimageCross Platform: GIMPOnline: TinyPNG


Captions are considered a descriptive form of images data that are informative and explanatory at the same time. It is not directly related to affect a page’s ranking but ensures the decrease in bounce rate. Now let’s know a bit about image optimizer plugins that enhance the speed of your WordPress website.


WP Smush it

WP is counted as one of the best image optimization plugins because of the fact that WP Smush Pro simply lets you compress JPEG, GIF, and PNG images one by one or sometimes in the group with the help of smushing servers.

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer makes use of the lossless technique in order to optimize images automatically. The best thing about utilizing this plugin is that it does not compromise on the quality of the visual grounds. More to this, the users need not worry about the optimization of previously uploaded images as EWWW works on them too.

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